Web 2.0 represents the dynamic and collaborative nature of web content, it encapsulates the transition of Internet to a platform from just a tool or technology.

study in early 2013 suggests that 27% of time online in US is spent on Social networking, followed by entertainment, shopping, business, emailing, and other activities. Internet has given the option of living a virtual life from one’s comfort zone – share, chat, make friends, collaborate, play, relax, buy, pay bills, read & watch news and so on.

The impact of internet on our daily life is huge. News spreads over internet faster than wild fire. Thanks to many popular Social networking sites, sharing of photographs has become easier than ever before. Internet has given a new dimension to distant leaning, sharing of knowledge and critical information make people aware and prepared to handle different situations. We find our way out, when lost, by using navigation sites from internet; innovating sites also tell us where to eat when we pass by series of restaurants and if we have not stopped for lunch since morning! The internet has become the thread that unites all we do day long!

TEN Innovate envisages contributing to enrichment of Web platform with a bouquet of products and services, as a key focus area.