Healthcare sector in India is growing at 14% CAGR.  While there is acute shortage of basic healthcare services (doctors and beds) across the country, growing middle-class with higher levels of disposable income is creating increased demand for improved healthcare services and higher value.  

Additionally, more Indians are burdened with lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, CVD, and Hypertension.  While we have seen innovation in basic care delivery through private sector hospitals, we believe that there are unprecedented opportunities for innovations that respond to the needs and demands - Innovations that can empower patients and turn them from passive participants into active decision makers, innovations that enable service providers to engage with patients in between visits, innovations that provide education, training and assistance to patients. With more people becoming “connected” via smart phones and internet, there are more avenues to deliver innovative solution than ever.  

We are not looking for traditional healthcare IT  but  looking for innovations that take advantage of technology to deliver innovative solution to help people take care of chronic diseases,  solutions that leverage technology to dramatically reduce to cost of service delivery to masses.