Why should you become an Angel Investor?

Why Become An Angel Investor?

With innovation comes the need for funding and support. South Asia's brilliant entrepreneurs seek support of Angel Investors, and are ready to surprise any investor’s imagination. 

Angel investing can help you become a part of this era of innovative growth.

Many believe angel investing can be a path fraught with risks. However, few remember that with greater risks comes a greater reward. Angel investing can, not only, lead you to grow your capital by making good use of it, but also make you a valuable contributor to society's welfare. 

Angel's at TEN Innovate invest in startups covering the spheres of Cloud computing, SaaS applications, healthcare, education and unique Internet technologies. They believe that ideas change the world. They invest in ideas and people. 

The major of benefits of becoming an angel investor in general and to invest through TEN Innovate in particular, are:

  • Invest in the future of our society
  • Enjoy the autonomy and excitement of investing in a new idea
  • Opportunity to invest in new technologies
  • Witness growth and returns as a startup grows
  • Invest in a curated list of highly viable startup    
  • Opportunity to work as a mentor for a startup
  • Become part of an angel investor group and reap networking opportunities

TEN presents prospective startup investors with a window of opportunity. They participate in building an organisation that will help nurture successful companies of the future. On top of all the advantages already associated with becoming an angel, we provide our members the unique opportunity to build diverse portfolios of startup investments that will shape the future of India's economy. 

We have successfully supported, incubated and invested in many tech-based startups. Our list of exciting new startups continues to grow and we intend to select the best from these and present them to our members. 

We give you access to regular updates on your investment portfolio. We take the risk out of angel investing and replace it with prompt and actionable advice. 

By becoming a member of TEN, you get a chance to reconnect with like minded experts and make new relationships. Our professional network gives you access to a place where you can share your ideas and knowledge.

Our team consists of experienced professionals from a diverse set of backgrounds. We are a group business mentors, academics, finance experts, HR leaders, technology gurus, senior engineering managers who have a proven record of success. We intend to share this spirit of success with you.

At TEN, we believe that our organization can make valuable contributions to India's Economic and financial growth. We believe that creativity and innovation is the way to go, when you are searching for a better future. We believe in innovation. 

Visit our website now to join our group of investors at: http://www.teninnovate.com