Freelancing in the Era of Digital Marketing

Working at home

Since its inception, freelancing has  been about ditching the corporate workplace and leading an independent life, without compromising on the returns of one’s expertise. Over the years it has become a lifestyle suitable for those who do not wish to be part of a system which restricts their independence.

Albert Camus, a leading 20th century philosopher and thinker said:

“The only really committed artist is he who, without refusing to take part in the combat, at least refuses to join the regular armies and remains a freelance”

Recently we have seen a sudden surge in the digital marketing sector. This is due to the rise of social media. All this has only been possible through the internet revolution which has swept the globe by storm and evolved an entirely new generation.

Global giants have taken keen interest in utilising the power of the internet and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ to reach out to each and every potential customer. It has become a tool for brand promotion and marketing.

In order to do this customers rely heavily on digital marketers, Digital Marketers are experts in getting your stuff out to the largest possible audience on the internet.

They take care of your website’s many aspects like Optimization, SEO, link building, increased search engine ranking, conversion rates and other loads of stuff. These are the people who form the driving force behind a firm’s online popularity.

When I talk to other digital marketers, I realise consistently that freelancing is such an integral and hidden part of this vital economic ecosystem.

Every aspect of digital marketing today can be taken care off by the quality freelance pool out on Internet. Some of the very basic areas where freelancers are very active are:

·       Content Writing and Marketing

·       Graphic Design

·       Web Development and IT

·       Social Media Management

·       Customer Support

Coincidently these are also the means by which digital marketers in turn get part of their work done, areas which are not core to their expertise.

The benefits of hiring freelance services are innumerable like:

1.     They cost lower than professional services or inhouse functions

2.     You can easily find quality freelancers. There is no complex hiring process.

3.     It is the best option for short term requirements and thus a very good option for start-ups.

4.     Networking opportunities are great!

I believe the connection between Digital Marketing and Freelance is ultimately linked by entrepreneurship. For instance, after completing my education I worked on various digital marketing projects in various firms. That is when I realised that I could set up my own venture and realise the full potential of my skills using the same freelance help I got in those firms. There was struggle for some time and had it not been for flexible freelance services I would never have reached a stable current position!

I am not the only one with such a story. According to Forbes, more than 30% of the American workforce is involved in freelance. This number is bound to increase to 40% by 2020. Truelancer suggests that 25% of Indian working class is involved in freelance.

All these statistics clearly indicate the connection between the rise of digital marketing and the related rise of freelance. Therefore, I personally find the above two business sectors inseparable.

There are some definite long term benefits of freelance in Digital Marketing and related B2B Businesses too!


1.     Cost-effectiveness

I believe that freelance is very cost effective. Imagine avoid overhead of additional office space. You can easily outsource various needs to freelancers who generally work from home and deliver work according to the contractual terms. Some of the work which is increasingly outsourced includes content needs, web development, customer support, graphic design, content marketing, accounting and finance etc.


2.     Competitive Freelance Markets

I think freelance is one area where people do not discriminate on any basis!

In a perfectly competitive market, price is not ruled by marketing but the quality of product/service and experience. Freelancers intially struggle for their existance, but once established and a growing business the future is good! In a nutshell, the market of freelance offers its services for all kinds of budgets. That is what makes it so attractive!


3.     High Possibility of growth and effective sustenance

When costs will be cut, prices will be competitive, survival be  based on quality of work, expertise and freedom of choice will be supreme… one can then clearly expect an economic framework where everybody’s growth is based on what the create. This also indicative of a system which is almost ideal for creating a perfectly sustainable business model.

Such a system where infrastructural costs are so greatly reduced can easily result in higher income streams which can then be utilised to create a very effective sustainable structure or business model.


4.     Networking Benefits

Another big hidden advantage of freelance and hiring freelance is the networking opportunities it provides. For instance, a regular digital marketer can have up to 100 freelancers in his close network. This may sound like a simple statistic but it is way more than that. Digital marketer in turn help grow the freelance business collaborating with various others in the industry. This creates a chain reaction, the chain continues to grow!


Author: Jitendra Vaswani