From Naukars to CEOs

Indians have always been longing for well-settled job oriented future self's secured lives. All of the 'get-a-job-after-study' ideology started off from the time of The Raj. Britishers had a way with playing with Indian minds. They wanted to change our entire thought process and thus attacked at the  very grass root level by changing the whole idea behind education and squeezing it to - get a job!

Six decades post independence, it was still prevailing. "Khud ka business" (one's own business) was way too gross. 'Failure' was possibly the best annotation given  to those who tried.
Until now.
Entrepreneurship (did you pronounce it right?) is gaining pace. Start-ups are the new cool, especially among the young Indians. And there couldn't be nothing more exciting! At last we've all discovered that 'naukari' relates to 'naukar' - a realization that's actually making us feel gross and worked out a way to get out of this grossness - become CEOs!

This blog's not about angel investors or lean methodology or crowd funding or customer value proposition or any other such big words (with simple meanings).
This is about the unconventional basics, about the most fundamental prerequisite - your attitude. Because without the right attitude entrepreneurship is just a big name!



Starting with how to start your day when you're staring up a start-up (Redundancy love!).
 Get up in the morning, out of your bed, look at the punching bag installed beside your bed as your worst enemy and punch it hard, VERY hard. Scream 'this is Spartaaaa!'  'Let this come!'. Kick it, punch it, hit it with your shoulders, slap it....... kill it until you're drenched with the salt and water whooping out of your body. When your breadth gives away, start counting some last punches to the bag. Once the count beats your previous record, water on your head and a few jumps will make you ready for 'just another day' as an entrepreneur.

Weird right?
It sure is but this is the level of weirdness you need to start this weird thing called 'my own enterprise'. Never fear of being weird as ultimately the fact is that nothing is normal. Weirdness is everywhere. You win when you're the weirdest. Make yourself as weird as possible. Once you become the weirdest among all the weirdos of this world, you'll win this weird game of obsession over passion and hunger for earning. (Phew! that was a lot of weird redundancies!).



Second rule is to look into nature for solutions. Our mother earth is a self-sustained entrepreneur in itself (apparently with a huge turnover!). The way nature solves problems is tremendous. So whenever in doubt, look into nature and think what nature could have done to solve it. Once you get well-versed with how nature works, you're sure to get simplest of the solutions to the toughest of your problems. Potatoes under soil stays perfectly fine as they're getting the right conditions and supplies but when they're removed out, put them in open for some days and they turn black!
Finding it weird?
Read the first rule again. (you've got to be weird)

NATURE: a self-sustained entrepreneur with a huge turnover!

So after being weird and looking into Nature for answers (and still staying weird), the next step is 'Risk'.
Now THIS ain't weird! Everyone knows that risks goes hand in hand with entrepreneurs (hand in hand would be an understatement. They embrace you, mate!). So what kind of risk am I talking about here?
It's the risks with your products. ATTACH RISKS WITH YOUR PRODUCTS - a risk that would make people buy it.
Elaborating, a lawyer gets 1 crore from a client, an engineer about 10,000 bucks on average. Why?
Because a lawyer prevents you from getting into jail while an engineer, busy tailoring and fixing things up!
Eg: insulin potatoes. Diabetic patients can easily consume them without pondering over medicines and injecting insulin shots. So here you're saving diabetic patients from what is risky and that's how you'll sell your product.

The next golden rule is : Don't Compete.
Yes! you read it right (another level of weirdness, I'd say!) 
Competition is for mediocres. If you compete, you'll stay a mediocre and I know pretty well that mediocrity is not a part of your plan A. It's boring, get out of it and make your work awesome!
Eg: Apple. Period.
Remember, competence is the key!

The last and the most important is : Accepting rejections.
Explanation? Seriously?  I mean, forget entrepreneurship, you'd have to accept rejections while finding a job and even from your bosses once you get one. It's all part of life. If you want to live, learn to accept rejections.
You're unique and not everyone will find your work credible. Let them ignore the gold you've made and let the geniuses acknowledge you!   
Dream. Work.  Live.
Have no regrets!

There was this lady who had one simple task to do everyday - bring grass from her backyard and feed it to the cows. Now this lady was weird. She made a strategy to earn money out of it. Everyday she went to get the grass but didn't feed it to the cows. Instead, she sat down in front of her house - all the cows beside her - and started letting the people who passed by her house to feed the cows. She charged  2 to 3 bucks for some handful of grass. Cow feeding is thought to be an auspicious deed in Hinduism so almost everybody who passed by her gave her the cost for grass and fed the cows.
BAM! Every business model in those big B-school books failed.
Noticed how clever she was to attach a risk factor to her product?
 That's the level of simplicity and smartness you've got to have!

Keep yourself motivated. Once you've decided to be an entrepreneur, people will start laughing on you. Remember that an entrepreneur is someone who jumps off a cliff and builds a plane on the way down. Get to the realities of life. Be practical. There'll be times when people around you will stay close, not to support but hit you. Times when trusted will become the cracks of your life. Times when you'll realize that you're the only color left in this black & white painting of living. Those will be the times you'll get alone.
And that's when you'll win! 


Author: sonali karhana