TEN Blog Competition

At TEN we are focused on driving Entrepreneurship through various means. In this context we are thrilled to announce  our first blog competition.

Blog topics should be related to Entrepreneurship, and ideally with an Indian context. Some suggested topics - Social Entrepreneurship, Innovation in India, User experience design, Branding in Digital age, Indian startup ecosystem, Crowd funding, Angel investing in India, Lean methodology, Women in entrepreneurship, Idea Generation, Why Failure is good, Customer value proposition, Funding choices, Breakthrough Technologies and Pricing strategy.

Please send your blog outline and topic to ensure its in-line with the Blog page's purpose to info@teninnovate.com. We will respond as soon as possible with a go ahead to finish the blog

  • If the blog is selected for publishing, it will be published with your name as author on TenInnovate.com and various social media platforms. You are free to link the Teninnovate blog link on your website/blog etc, but please do not republish on other sites
  • Once we reach 25 blogs, the best blog will be selected by Ten Innovate board, and the ipad mini-2 16 GB wifi model or equivalent will be awarded. The iPad mini-2 will be ordered through any eCommerce website which delivers in your area. The Ten Board's decision will be final.
  • When you send your blog article, please also send a link to your LinkedIn or Facebook profile, which we will try and add that to the blog
  • We will try and publish the blog without any major changes, but please do understand that some minor edits may need to be made
  • Images are welcome as part of the blog, but please ensure they are copyright free else contain proper source attribution
  • TEN may choose to use the content of the blog for creating video's or in other forms of communication. We will try our best to acknowledge your contribution

Thanks everyone for reading, I look forward to receiving your outline!